Monday, April 15, 2013

It Is Well With My Soul

First Oncologist Visit

Good evening everyone!

No chemo today. Mostly spent time consulting with the medical oncologist (for chemo) and the radiology oncologist (for radiation). Blood taken to see if my levels have gone down sufficiently to start chemo. On Wednesday, I go in for CT scan to map my abdomen area for the radiation therapy. Radiation is the main gun and pinpoints the tumor to kill it; chemo helps radiation do its thing. Interestingly, I'll be getting my first tattoos! The tattoos will be small dots in three areas on my abdomen that the radiation uses for alignment to ensure they hit the same target each treatment. Tattoos are permanent.

Radiation + chemo therapy will probably start next Monday depending on blood work results and insurance.

This morning, as Gail and I read through our devotion and prayed, we were reminded of Horatio Spafford's story behind It Is Well With My Soul. It brought us to tears as we read the lyrics of a hymn we know so well. It really is well with my soul.

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