Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Eva

Too Young For This

Many of you are aware of the birth of our granddaughter, Eva, two weeks ago. During her check up, the doctor discovered that two of the plates in her skull have prematurely fused. Brandon (my son) and Candice (his wife) will be going to a plastic surgeon since surgery is the normal course for something like this.

Pray for His wisdom and His discernment as Brandon and Candice walk this path. Pray that all anxiety will be replaced by His peace. Pray that Eva will come through with His hand upon her head. Pray for His protection around my family, that He would show his favor and mercy on us. In light of today's Staff Chapel, I couldn't help but think that physical strength is measured by what we can carry while spiritual strength is measured by what we can bear. We are blessed beyond what we deserve while serving at the pleasure of our Lord.

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