Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Simple Phrase ...

With Depth and Meaning

"I'm praying for you."

It's a simple phrase that impacts my heart because, for us, prayer is not an assortment of chosen words or expressions nor simple repetition of rote forms; it is the cry of the heart. People I've never met are praying ... family and friends are praying ... a deaf church in Plano ... a softball team I played on a few years ago ... former students and old classmates ... it's humbling, inspiring and encouraging. There is gravitas in the prayers of those who take time out of the busyness of the day and intercede with hands held tightly on well worn knees.

Here's one of my favorite stories:

A friend and coworker (recently diagnosed with MS) sent a text intended for Gail but ended up on some strange guy's phone. She explained the mix-up and, it turns out, he said he'd pray for both her and me. She mentioned that we work for a missions organization and he asked which one, since he was going on a mission trip soon. She told him about e3 Partners and ... you've already figured it out, right? The trip he's going on was an e3 expedition to Sudan.

A request ...

Even though my oncologist didn't recommend surgery at this time, he encouraged us to talk to my surgical oncologist and get his opinion. All my CT scans are on CDs and we have an 8:30am appointment tomorrow morning. Wisdom and discernment are needed but I'm praying for simple truth. Simple, so I can understand it and Truth because it builds hope.

One burden of my circumstance is when I'm not able to hold my grandkids; my immune system is weakened so if they just had their shots or sniffles decidedly non-clear mucus back up ... we just can't afford to chance it. Which reminds me ...

Baby Eva update

Many of you asked about little Eva Marie and she's continuing to grow normally. Emotionally, weight, height, motor skills - all within norms. She has an unusual pinky, however; both father and brother seemed to be uncontrollably wrapped around it for brief periods of time. The plan remains the same - surgery in March or April 2014 to deal with her condition.

Many Thanks ...

... to our e3 Creative department that got me a couple of great hats and started the flood → my son Ryan who gave me a couple of his hats → the CA Bayrons that sent me Hawaii gear from the last ho'olaule'a → Keith who took the time in his day to turn my long grass into short grass → my CO brother who sent me an awesome Dragon Cane; watch the video then send any unused palettes my way; I need the exercise!

In the Palm of His Hand,
Rod Bayron

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